Momentum™ is much more than a marketing tool. Sure, it can broadcast SMS messages to your target audience. It is also great for sending those quick, short announcements to your target groups. Momentum is so simple, your team will actually use it. There is no software to load. And you can access Momentum's easy-to-use interface from any browser in the world.

When it comes to sending SMS to a group of people, Momentum makes the job extermely simple. All you need is a Microsoft Excel sheet where information is stored in various columns. Momentum can also import from popular databases like MS Access and even a CSV file.
Momentum includes powerful mail-merge like feature for customizing SMS. With this functionality, you can send multiple SMS, potentially to a large number of recipients, from a single template form and a structured data source.
Within Momentum, you can also create your unique Sender ID. This identity of the sender of the SMS will show up to every SMS recipient. The recipient of the message can clearly understand the authenticity of sender. This promotes effective utilization of SMS as a method of trusted communication
Momentum allows you to manage sub-users within an account. As an administrator, you can give access to other people in your team to send SMS.

Pricing Plans

Our prices are monthly, and based on the number of contacts in your SMS list or database. That means you can send as many SMS as you want without affecting your monthly fee.

0 - 200 SMS

Rs. 100

per month
  0 - 1,500 SMS

Rs. 500

per month
  0 - 4,000 SMS

Rs. 1,000

per month
  0 - 12,500 SMS

Rs. 2,500

per month

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Send your queries to email and our support team is available to respond to your questions, complaints, requests and suggestions during regular business hours from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. Emails are normally answered within 48 hours.

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